Sunday, December 2, 2012

One of my favorite things to do is decorate Christmas trees for clients.  Through the decorations or theme that they choose for their tree I can really see a reflection of their personality and style.  This year I've really done some fun trees.  The styles have ranged from Texas hill country using rustic ornaments and even rope on the tree to a very elegant tree totally decked out with ornate gold ornaments.  I've also had a lot of requests for trees with cool earthy textures like burlap which can go well with the shabby chic look as well as the rustic decor.   Always remember to decorate the tree in layers.  I usually start with the ribbon or deco mesh first, then put on the largest ornaments placing some back into the tree and some closer to the outer edge of the branches.  Then, I place the medium and small ornaments in the same fashion.  I finish with berries, sticks or feathers which give the dimension.  I usually do the topper at the end so that I don't rock the tree and disturb it during the process of decorating.  Here are a few pics of some fun trees I've done.